Monday 1st

Dear Lynska,

I know you are feeling frustrated. You are trying to make this all work and you are not seeing any results or the end of it.

Your inner critic loves the fact that you have been giving it so much attention lately and smirks as you second guess yourself for the third time in the space of a few hours.

You have the tools to help calm that voice down, and you use them every now and again. This gives you half a day of reprieve before it strikes up the conversation again. You see, you have always been a perfectionist and an action taker. So this feeling of not knowing if your ideas have landed leaves you in limbo – in the dark in between place. And while you know that this is not the best place to visit for too long, because “what you think becomes your reality” it seems that in those moments you don’t know how to get out of it.

This really is the time that you are getting to know yourself and let go of all the habits that lead you to seek acknowledgement from outside of yourself. From others. And there it is – instead of being immensely proud that you are building a life that you love, and acknowledging that everything happens in perfect time, you are attaching an identity to the unease in your chest, the fact that you haven’t sold any tickets to a few of your events and you are being so unforgiving to yourself that you are not doing anyone any favours.

This kind of reflection generates the awareness to go back and practice what I preach – some EFT tapping rounds, and not for the first time today. And I don’t think it will be the last. You see I am striving to empower other people to stand up and know themselves and their power. To find that excited, compassionate, connected person that they came into this world as. I want to introduce you to a way to get back there, to strip all the layers off that have become stuck to you so you can shine once more. And now I understand why I need to go through this, because I have always respected others who have walked the path that I have and come out the other end. Authentic people with big hearts. That is what I hope to be for you a  vulnerable, honest, courageous student and leader in life.

EFT Tapping Script for Today:

Even though: I am feeling lost & I have this frustration in my chest, I love and accept myself

Even though: I am feeling lost & I have this frustration in my chest, I love and accept myself

Even though: I am feeling lost & I have this frustration in my chest, I love and accept myself

  1. I am feeling lost
  2. I don’t know if I am on the right path
  3. I have all of this frustration in my chest
  4. Because I am not seeing any results
  5. What am I meant to be doing?
  6. I have all of these plans
  7. But I’m not getting any feedback on any of them
  8. Is this the right path?
  9. What path should I be on?
  10. How do I get there?
  11. Light up the way

  1. All of this frustration in my chest
  2. It feels tight
  3. There’s too much pressure there
  4. And a whole lot of un-certainty
  5. Is this the right path?
  6. What am I meant to be doing?
  7. This frustration in my chest
  8. It’s not going the way I want it to
  9. But then what way do I want to go
  10. Is it even up to me?
  11. This pressure in my chest


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