Elevate your life and business

I hold your business vision while we take action together.

I help you dismantle the overwhelm and get clear on your next steps by combining Human Design, Tech(nology) Advice and Business Mentorship.

Life and business mentor

Hi I’m Lynska.
I'm here to provide practical support and keep you thriving in your genius zone.

As a 1/3 Manifesting Generator, I use a rich toolkit to get you where you need to go in your business FAST.

Because I have explored every avenue to bring my own business into fruition, you will be getting only the best suggestions from me - saving you time and money!


Are you feeling stuck despite knowing where you want your business to be?

Let's change that!


“I gained so much clarity out of our session and learnt some great tips. I loved the holistic way that we talked about and made plans for my business.”



“You helped me see my strengths and weaknesses so I have a choice now to upskill on details or delegate some tasks in the future. I love your clarity.

- JO

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Do you feel that your business could benefit from technology upgrades, such as social media or website development?

I can suggest suitable website options and even build them for you. We can work together with a suite of tech(nology) offerings to automate your business so you can focus on the things that you love. 

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What Clients Are Saying

"Having you available to walk people over the tight rope of starting your own business makes so much sense. Especially at the beginning when people have so many ideas. Frothing with excitement. They often die in our heads. You are so good at catching them and writing them down. Like catching falling stars. It’s magical and I am blessed to have you. "

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"I really appreciated the thoughtful structure you apply to your sessions to ensure clients get what they want out of them. The pre-session form was helpful, in that respect, for both of us as it acted as an initial opportunity to put language to what was circulating my mind and also to think critically about what my priorities were for discussion."

Lynska Human Design Background 4

"Eye opening to learn these things about yourself and great to gain clarity on how you can 'human' to your best ability."

Lynska Human Design Background 1

"Thank you so much for all you do and how you be. It was a powerful reading"

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