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Working together


The most important thing that we do when working together is to make sure that your nervous system is regulated, and the physiology of your body is performing optimally for you. We will have honest conversations about what is going on for you physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

From here we will use a combination of brain-based somatic tools, alongside energy and quantum healing tools, to bring you back in to balance before implementing a permanent and sustainable emotional fitness routine to support you while we reach for your unlimited potential together.   

I am here to guide you through your journey at a safe pace for you, and you are here to commit to doing the work. It is very much a collaborative approach that is driven by you and your desire to honour your true self.  The age old phrase of “you get out of it what you put in” will ring true for this experience.     

I am a big picture thinker who loves learning. I have a passion for teaching and bringing new ideas to the table. My natural desire for responsibility and connection has meant that I hold strong values. I work with integrity and authenticity, I bet you do too.

EFT Practitioner

Working with EFT for the last four years, I have helped my clients clear through blocks, recognise and release emotions, and calm down their physiology with this easy to use tool.

“I just want to thank you for being such a gift in my life… every time I work with you I have to go further down the rabbit hole… ”   – Debra

Quantum EFT

Using a beautiful blend of EFT, working with your guides and higher self (as well as past lives) means that we can go deeper to clear out any residue that may be effecting your progress.

I hope to guide you out of your comfort zone, while working with you to discover all the things that you desire. Let’s re-design a life that is more fulfilled and full of purpose. 

Akashic Records

Choose to open up your Akashic Records together and explore the unlimited messages that are waiting there for you. A fantastic way to find answers to the questions you keep.

Are you ready to take a deep dive into all that is you? Would you love to have some support, accountability and learn new tools? Are you ready to do what ever it takes to enhance the possibilities for your life?

Energy Crystals

Using crystals with any type of healing is incredibly powerful. I often have them around me when working with clients and I love to encourage you to choose your own from our premium selection, that way you can connect to their energy and them with you on a daily basis.

” I can’t believe how simple & easy EFT is, to help me to make big shifts quickly & easily. You are super intuitive & I am blown away by how quickly you get straight to the issue & help me to clear it.   I highly recommend Lynska – she is caring, knowledgeable, empathetic and we always have a good chuckle each session too.”  – Lisa

Book a session

Work together online

A perfect way to work together in personalised sessions, with location as no barrier. All online sessions performed via Zoom.

Work together in person

If you are local to Christchurch, you can choose to work together in person. Enquire via email for location.

If you would like to work together you can simply  jump straight in and book either the “Expressive Founders Business Coaching Package” or the “Emotional Fitness Coaching Package”. This includes the minimum of 3 sessions to start you on your journey. 

Once you have done this you can choose a time that suits you to work together and then you will be taken to a PayPal payment gateway to confirm and pay for your appointments. 

You will receive confirmation on completion of all of these steps.

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