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I am a big picture thinker who loves learning. I have a passion for teaching and bringing new ideas to the table. My natural desire for responsibility and connection has meant that I hold strong values. I work with integrity and authenticity, I bet you do too. I hope to guide you out of your comfort zone, while working with you to discover all the things that you desire. Let’s re-design a life that is more fulfilled and full of purpose. But first let’s chat to see where you are at.

Personalised EFT Sessions

online Sessions

Choosing to work together with personalised EFT sessions is the perfect way to really tackle some of the things that are affecting you and your progress moving forward.

Start by booking a complimentary introduction session where we can chat about the areas in your life that you would like to address and ultimately change. From there we can tailor a plan specifically suited to you and your needs.

These sessions are available during the whole year* and they are performed via Zoom

Some popular topics to work with are Stress Management, Relationship Issues, Phobias, Past Hurts and Traumas, Addictions, Goal Setting, Confidence, Weight and Health Management. 

*subject to availability 

People's experience
I can’t believe how simple & easy EFT is, to help me to make big shifts quickly & easily. You are super intuitive & I am blown away by how quickly you get straight to the issue & help me to clear it (without spending hours going over & over stuff I just want to move on from). I highly recommend Lynska - she is caring, knowledgeable, empathetic and we always have a good chuckle each session too. So, if you are needing some support and/or considering trying EFT, please get in touch with her today.
Life Coach
I just want to thank you for being such a gift in my life... every time I work with you I have to go further down the rabbit hole...
EFT practitioner

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EFT packages


Let’s start clearing out that stress and find a way to manage the ‘fight/flight’ response that is happening in your body and causing your overwhelm. Let’s give you a calm mind and body to start moving forward with a clarity like you have never experienced before


New Year, New YOU! Or so they say. I know what it feels like to set goals for yourself and not achieve them. I have also come to learn the reason might be that this is our mind trying to keep us ‘safe’. What would it be like if you discovered how to move through these blocks?


Do we have to be ‘happy’ all the time? NO! Is it normal to be ‘happy’ all the time? Probably not! BUT let’s be honest, we all strive for a little bit more joy in our lives. If this is where you are at, lets go on that hunt together. Let’s uncover all the treasures that make you happy

about the packages

learn in comfort

A unique experience put together for you, so you can do the work 'on the go' from any location. This online environment provides you with ease of use and a database that can be accessed 24/7

personalised packages

Choose from one of the three themed packages to start your journey. Once you have started we will personalise all content to suit you and your personal needs, making this YOUR individual experience

Easy to use tools

You will be provided with easy to use worksheets, videos and self help tools to ensure you are set up to succeed. Investing in yourself is the first step in refreshing your mind and body

To book a package, simply decide what month you would like to work with me and then you can choose from available dates for your first, second and third session. You are required to book all three appointments at once in order for the full payment to be charged. If you miss this step you will be required to come back and book the remaining sessions.