Tapping into your Calm 10 September


A series of online group calls for entrepreneurs in their first year of business. Starts Tuesday 10 September and runs for 4 weeks until Tuesday 1 October. Each session runs for 1 hr from 10am until 11am and is hosted on the zoom.us platform

The price* shown is for the full 4 weeks

*There is a minimum of 3 participants, for whatever reason that number is not reached you will receive a full refund due to cancellation of the sessions


Are you in your first year of business and feeling terrified not knowing when your next cash injection will come in?

Are you in that constant, fearful and negative thought process of “what the heck have I done?!”?

Are you at the point where you feel like it would just be easier to check out the job vacancies and give it all up?

Are you feeling like a failure?

This four week online group event “Learning to Clear Stress and Anxiety” for entrepreneurs  is aimed at clearing out the stress and anxieties that naturally crop up when we are smashing through our old glass ceiling and getting close to our new one. You will be introduced to powerful tools that can be used to clear out those inner fears and worries while at the same time gaining valuable support from other like-minded entrepreneurs who are passionate about making changes in their lives and striving for their dreams.

This group will run for four weeks and will be held online via zoom.us with each session being one hour long.

As your host, I am also in my first year of business and I know how hard it can be at times to deal with your own expectations of how you saw this venture unfolding. What is often even more crippling is dealing with other people’s expectations of you and your success. I am here to apply my knowledge to the subject and hold the space for you all while we support each other and ultimately end up with a richer business and more vivid dreams to strive for because of these ‘normal’ speed bumps.


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