Reflections & musings

Reflections & Musings

What's happening?


This page is for me to begin sharing my reflections and musings with you. I will be uploading my videos, Akashic shares and more when the inspiration comes to me. I hope they help you to open up and to start sharing things with others. Whether it is tips and tricks, songs, books or similar thoughts and emotions that we may be experiencing – it’s all important stuff. 

Feel free to reach out if you would like to share your experiences with me. 

What is it that you believe in? Is there anything you could let go of or see from another perspective? Where are you holding onto excuses, false truths or unhelpful  ways of doing things?​ What else is possible


Do you need to jump back in or can you take a bit longer to come out of this ‘keeping healthy’ period? 

Where are you unconciously following what you thingk you should do? 

What would you like your life/style to look like going forward? You can create this if you take the time to make considered choices. 


Check in with how your have been feeling over the last few days. Has there been any overwhelm, frustration or anger? 

Where do you feel that in your body? Notice what it feels like.

Here is a tapping video for you to participate with. You just need to mirror what I am doing and repeat the words I am saying. 

(Apologies that the sound is not fantastic. I will sort that out for next time. I just really needed to do this tapping and forgot to check the sound before recording the whole thing).


Consider your use of the news, social media and radio. Do you feel good or bad when you have used them? If it is the later, you can decide not to participate. You can turn it off, limit yourself or even tell others “That’s not in line with what I would like to talk about, can we move to something else”.

You get to be empowered and decide how you want your life to be and what it looks like. You can’t control everything else that is happening around you but you do have a choice for your own happiness – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

Check in with sleep patterns and water intake – are you getting enough? Make a change. Decide how you want your life to be and focus on that (rather than all the things wrong). Make a vision board, write out your perfect day – talk about it! 

You are empowered to make the change you need for you and your wellbeing x

Would you like to find out how to work together? 


Use crystals to support, inspire, heal and empower

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