14th Annual Tapping World Summit

Master your physical and emotional health


In it’s 14th year – the Annual Tapping World Summit continues to showcase the Emotional Freedom Techniques / EFT tapping. Nick Ortner and Jessica Ortner from the Tapping Solution bring you exclusive interviews with specialists in the field of energy healing who share their experiences with this powerful and simple tool.

After the crazy year of 2020 and 2021 it is beneficial for more of us to learn this life changing tool that can be used for anything from stress and anxiety to improving health.

This free event is delivered online, so you can enjoy the talks from the privacy of your own home, and there are new speakers each day of the world summit. If you know that it is time to learn a new technique and you want top results when it comes to releasing everything that has been holding you back then I definitely recommend listening to these presentations and learning EFT.

To find out more information about the talks and people involved in this years Tapping World Summit, sign up by clicking on the link below to register with your email before the start date on February 28th 2022.


The tapping world summit is free to listen to over the multiple days that it runs, but you will also have the option when you sign up to purchase a package that will allow you to download all resources and recordings to keep, use and listen to forever. 

I choose this option as it is great value for money – it works out around the price of a personal development / coaching session and you can benefit from these talks for years to come.

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