What are the Akashic

The Akashic Records:
The Google Search of Your Soul

Individual to your soul journey

An individual hall of treasures ready for you to explore to connect to your souls highest purpose. Whether that means healing past hurts and traumas, or simply finding out your truest potential, whatever comes up for you will be in complete alignment with what you are ready for next.

Mining the Akash

In our energetic blueprint we can access past talents, skills, knowledge, strengths and memories, bringing them into our current existence to enhance our experience going forward. Mining your Akash brings a new sense of empowerment in self.

Healing energy

The Akashic Records are a space of divine healing energy and can be used to bring about a radiant sense of calm, love and nourishment. Open up to the wonder of this space.

Akasha / The Akash Example Questions

What do I need to know in order to feel more peace in my life?

How can I create more joy in my life?

What do I need to change in myself (my life) to allow  ______ to happen?

What must take place before that (happening) occurs?

What is my soul relationship with ______?

How can I earn money doing what I love?

What is the next step for me career-wise?

What is the highest potential for my work in this lifetime?

What significant lives have I had that are affecting me now?

What is causing my fear and anxiety?

How can I meet more like-minded people?


“Think of your Akash as a spiritual jar. Within this jar is everything that relates to you.

When you open it, out comes the wisdom of every life you have ever had. The spiritual jar is a metaphor for the spiritual learning contained within your Akash. It means that you don’t have to learn everything again. You simply have to open it and reawaken your spiritual knowledge.


- Monika Muranyi Author of The Human Soul Revealed

The Akashic Records Can Help With


Personal Growth


Spiritual Development


Healing & Transformation


Improved Relationships


Pain Relief


Addressing Trauma


Career Direction


Goal Setting

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