What is
Quantum EFT?

Quantum EFT:
A Look into Time, Place & Space within Your Energy Field

Blending EFT

By using a series of acupressure points on the head, face, hands and body we ‘tap’ on them to assist in activating our body’s natural energy field and meridian system. By holding a clear intention to release and clear our Quantum fears, beliefs and old patterns this powerful tool is limitless.

Clearing Past Life Residue

Traditionally requiring in depth regression techniques to address Past Life residue, Quantum EFT can provide a direct, safe and effective way to release these things and stop them from holding you back all the while being involved in a candid conversation together.

Connecting to your Soul Gifts

We can "mine the Akash" during your session to bring forward your soul gifts from previous lifetimes in order to use these to bring more clarity and ease into your present life and future.

Quantum EFT Origins

Quantum EFT was developed by Jenny Johnston, stemming from her experience in Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, EFT and the teachings of “Kryon”.

Using the intention to release past life trauma’s/residue from our current DNA, to find the highest learnings from these experiences and to bring forward healing means that this tool is extremely powerful to change your experience to a more positive experience.

By connecting to your guides and higher self, you will feel more aligned and connected to your intuition through this creative process.

Quantum EFT is a natural, flowing process from EFT into the ‘quantumness’ of time space and place. It is a very organic, spiritual and safe energetic method to explore past, present and future energetic consciousness, including those in spirit and past or ‘other’ lifetimes, that are relevant to what is required for healing ”

- JENNY JOHNSTON founder of Quantum EFT


If you feel like you have 'reactions' to things in your life that don't feel 'in perspective' to the trigger, this indicates to me it's time to go deeper - into your past lives..

Quantum EFT Session with Jenny 

This Quantum EFT Session was lead by Jenny, for me, during one of the Quantum EFT trainings I completed a few years ago. Please tap along while watching by either following along with what Jenny or I are doing, or by simply tapping on the side of the hand point. This is extremely important so any 'association' with what I am saying that is in your energy field is released also.

Quantum EFT Can Help With


Stress Management


Anxiety Management


Enhanced Performance


Improved Relationships


Pain Relief


Trauma Release


Positive Mindset


Goal Setting

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