Hi I’m Lynska.
You will enjoy our time together if you value:

Lynska Christchurch EFT
  • Authentic communication
  • Building trust in your mentor
  • Sharing your experiences, thoughts, and aspirations
  • Delving into your inner self and discovering what lies beneath
  • Challenging yourself with an open mind and compassionate spirit
  • Seeking new ways to connect with your intuition and deepen your self-awareness
  • Finding a supportive community with like-minded individuals.

I firmly believe in the importance of creating a space where you can safely share your experiences and aspirations, and I strive to build a trustworthy and empathetic relationship with all my clients.

Together, we can explore your thoughts and dreams, have new experiences, and connect you with your intuition on a deeper level.


My passion lies in connecting the dots and helping others make the most of their lives.

I take pleasure in being the person who can see the big picture and use that skill to assist others in achieving their best possible life.

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