open up, let’s get to know each other

You will enjoy our time together if you value

Authentic Communication

You want to have trust in the person you choose to completely open up to. You are ready to share your experiences, what your current thoughts are and the things you are dreaming of.

Exploring your depth

You know you have more to give and your are intrigued to find out what that might be. You are willing to explore emotions, experiences and different ideas.

Challenging yourself

You continually show up with compassion for yourself, in whatever way you can, regardless of what is happening for you. You want to try new things, because you know the value of this.

Connecting into your intuition

You want to find new ways to connect in to your intuition and deepen the knowing inside of you. You are searching for others that 'get you'.

I enjoy being the person who can see how all the dots connect and my desire has always been to use this to assist others in making their lives the best they can be.

I hope to guide you out of your comfort zone and into a life that is more fulfilled and full of purpose.

Hi - I'm Lynska


Every day I observe the ways that we hold ourselves back from sharing what is truly going on for us. It can be due to fear of judgement, lack of trust or simply thinking that what we have to say is not important enough.

I am here to guide and teach you how to open up to others, and ultimately yourself. We can work together to bring to light any hesitation, resistance and unhelpful behaviours you may have in your life so we can change this experience for you. We want to find these things and turn them around, clear them out, accept them because then we can discover the unlimited potential that comes with this life we have chosen.

Now, more than ever, we need to come back to authentic connection to support ourselves and humanity. Do you also have a desire to feel accepted and a part of something more?


I’m on a mission to bring real life experiences into our everyday conversations & connections.

Let’s be real with each other, support each other and thrive while being the best self that we can be.


I enjoy using crystals in combination with the work and have a small passion project selling premium crystals

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