Using AI in your Web Design

A generator type’s best friend.

For me the recognition that staring at a blank page does nothing for my creativity BECAUSE my strategy is to RESPOND has been a game changer! If I am ever unsure of how to write something, or I need what I have written to be translated into a more readable flow, I jump onto Chat GPT.

Here’s the latest prompt I gave it:Write an introduction to a blog page of a human design reader who builds websites” (aka me!) because I really didn’t know what to write in the moment!

Here is the response:

“**Unlocking the Web of Human Design: Crafting Digital Realities**

Welcome to a digital space where the enigmatic world of Human Design converges with the art of web development. This is where the intangible meets the virtual, where the metaphysical and the technological dance harmoniously to create something truly extraordinary.

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, our online presence has become an extension of our identity. Websites are no longer mere pages; they are living, breathing reflections of who we are, what we offer, and what we stand for. But what if we told you that the process of building these digital realms could be profoundly influenced by an ancient system of knowledge that delves into the very essence of who we are as individuals?

Here, we explore the fascinating intersection of Human Design and web development, shedding light on how this cosmic blueprint can guide and inspire the creation of websites that resonate with our truest selves. Whether you’re a seasoned web developer or someone just embarking on their digital journey, this blog is your gateway to a world where the language of the stars meets the code of the web.

Join us on this cosmic journey as we uncover the secrets of Human Design and discover how it can transform the way we build websites. Welcome to a place where intuition meets innovation, where the cosmos informs the code, and where your digital presence becomes a manifestation of your true self.”

Although it isn’t 100% to my liking – I was pretty impressed! From here I take the pieces that resonate and re-write it in my own language. What are your thoughts on AI?

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